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Germany - Stephan Krueger

What an amazing time we had with Ian Ross! Father showed up in an amazing way especially on Sunday morning where many people received a fresh impartation of God’s love and power! His presence was sooo tangible and real. Thank you Father for this “Suddenly” experience of your presence. More Lord!

Cornwall - Penryn - Richard Edwards

"Well an earthquake, plenty of flop and drop, changed hearts, reconciled families and a huge change in atmosphere accentuated your visit, thank you very much."

Witney, England - Tamsin Dale

What am amazing few weeks it's been.

....I have not been the same since you imparted the greater infusion of power from Jesus at our church two years ago. At that time I asked the Father to show me His love and heart for people and I remember being on the floor for some time sobbing as He let me me feel His broken heart for the lost. He has increased my capacity to actually feel His love for people. I know it is not me because I never used to like, let alone love people very much!.

...Remember the other day when you touched me briefly and I went crashing to the floor as though I had been struck by lightening? Ha ha, how can I forget!!!! Well, I asked the Lord about that too because there is always a reason behind what he does. I felt Him say that it just takes just one touch from Him...what happened to me was symbolic of the extraordinary power of His love that flows through His touch. I am going to run with this as He leads.

Somerset, England - Roger and Judith Harvey

Thank you, thank you, thank you. For the meeting...Over past 10-15 years not been anything like that meeting. Drew people from 35 miles away, including several pastors and leaders. Leaders want you to come back again.

July 2017 from Peter Steicke - Australia

Suddenly, it’s as if everything in Ian was imparted or blue-toothed to me.

My prayer partner Cees and I were in Amsterdam in 2006 on our way home from teaching and equipping in the Lutheran Church Mission in Uganda (LCMU).

As we sat on the tarmac at Entebbe airport waiting to leave Uganda, I looked out the window, rested my head, and said, “I never want to see this place again.”

We had worked hard. The people were hungry for the good news of Jesus. There were centrally located teaching times which lasted a couple of days, and then we would go and visit leaders in their local areas to encourage and equip them. We’d travelled to places you’d never be able to book through a tourist agency to see, over some of the bumpiest roads in the dustiest terrain. We’d leave early and get back late. On the journeys back from these field visits there would always be many questions to answer about what we’d taught. It was exhausting.

Then, to top it off, at Lira I got a fever out of nowhere. Cees and I were sitting down for a much anticipated evening meal after a full day of teaching and interacting. Just as my meal arrived I started to feel a bit strange. I picked at the meal and told Cees I was going to lie down. Part way back to the room I became completely disoriented and had to ask some members of a British educational team to help me find my room. I was so confused I couldn’t even use the key. They helped me in and lay me on the bed where my temperature proceeded to skyrocket. The Brits obviously got help because next minute one of the staff and Cees are swabbing me down with cold towels on my forehead, armpits, and groin while I was off in a gaga land of delusion. Half an hour later it was all over, but I was left drained and despondent. The sense of despair was still with me while sitting on the plane waiting to leave.

We flew to Amsterdam to spend a few days with Cees’ parents before returning to Australia, but I was in a demoralised state. Cees invited me to attend a church service with his sister and her family the next day, but I declined. However, at the last minute the next morning I changed my mind.

The Levend Evangelie Gemeente (Living Gospel Church) is a large charismatic community who are always looking to see their people be naturally engaging with others out of the love of the Father. It was neat being taken to the reception desk to pick up a headset, as the service was translated into a number of languages. The announcements, bible reading, prayers, and even song introductions were all beautifully translated.

Imagine my surprise then, when the person who got up to preach was speaking perfect English in a Canadian accent … with a translator for everyone else to understand!

His name was Ian Ross, and I gathered he’d shared there once or twice before. Ian was part of the senior staff when renewal began at the Catch the Fire Church in Toronto (formerly Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship) in January 1994. The Holy Spirit called Ian from that role in 1998 in order to carry the message of the Father's love to the nations on a full time basis.

When Ian took the microphone and began to speak I was immediately unimpressed. Listening through my despondent mindset I felt Ian and I were twins. In my memory, his opening words were something like, “Good morning, I’m Ian Ross. I don’t really feel like being here today as I’m tired. My wife Janice who normally travels with me can’t be here either. She’s having some time out for a couple of weeks processing some stuff.” I thought “give me a break!”

However my interest increased sharply as Ian related about his earlier career with IBM, his coming to faith, and his encounter with the incredible love of the heavenly Father. Then, after an introduction that would normally be the length of some peoples’ sermons Ian invited us to pray.

“Father, we come today to seek your heart, not just your hands.”

Suddenly, I saw it all. In an instant. One nano-second before I didn’t see what I saw so clearly now. And it was the real reason behind the despair afflicting me.

In a flash I saw the people we’d been ministering to in Africa who would share with us their needs and what they would like prayer for. “Please pray we have money for school fees.” “Pray that I can have a new bicycle to do more ministry work.” “Please pray for our crops.” My revelation was this: These beautiful people are so understandably anxious with getting things from the Father’s hands that they never actually get to his heart.

Then, in the same moment, I had an instantaneous picture of us in the western world. Our hands are full to overflowing with cars, houses, clothes, food, leisure pursuits, options, and excesses, to the point where we are completely preoccupied with them. We think the fullness of our hands equals the presence of God’s heart, hence we don’t go for his heart either.

So God has his children, all over the world, and few of them are going for his heart.

Ian’s prayer was short, but so powerfully revealing: “Father, we come today to seek your heart, not just your hands.”

Suddenly, near the end of Ian’s message on the Father’s love I had a picture in my mind of a large room in Jinja, Uganda. The Holy Spirit was impressing on my mind that I was to return the next year, with a team of people, to facilitate a conference where there would be at least two representatives from every congregation or preaching place of the LCMU, so that they could experience the love of the Father and be empowered to live from his heart and not just his hands. Where did that come from? Forty-five minutes earlier I didn’t want to leave Adelaide again, let alone go back to Uganda.

Next I heard Ian asking anyone who wanted a blessing from the Father’s heart to come down the front. No more invitation than that was needed. I had been full of despair, so why not take refreshment when it was being offered! Life was being breathed into me through a message from the Father’s heart when I’d been living from his hands. Plus, apart from Cees’ family, not one single person in that room knew me. I almost sprinted down the front and as soon as I got there, went to my knees and, yet again, started to cry. Ian just casually walked along, not saying anything I could audibly decipher, but laying his hands on peoples’ heads.

What a refreshing time. This didn’t feel like a quick shower to get the grime off when you’re dirty; rather, it was like a soak in a nice warm bath. I actually experienced in a tangible way the love of my heavenly Father. It was washing away despair, replacing a perfectionism mindset, and overcoming a tendency in me to sometimes see life through the lens of rejection. It was not hugely emotive in the happening—a man prayed over me whilst I was kneeling—but it was profoundly impacting in its depth. It was a personal love being placed in me. There was relief at being so richly accepted and loved for who I am, not what I did or achieved.

After a period of time—I honestly can’t remember—I got up off my knees and went to look for Ian to say thanks. Finding him I said, “Hi Ian. My name’s Peter. I’m a Lutheran pastor from Australia on my home from Uganda, and I’ve had it!” Ian just looked at me and smiled. He then placed one hand over my head and another on my ribcage. It felt as though a sword had pierced me. I doubled over, fell to my knees, and then fell gently to the ground. I was out to it. Again, I don’t know for how long. When I was conscious, there was Cees leaning over me praying, with Ian standing in the background grinning. Apparently Cees had seen me go to the ground from the other side of the building and came running over. Cees wasn't at all perturbed. He knew this was the Holy Spirit at work. He just wanted to be with me. Ian didn’t know this, nor did he know Cees. So, as I was informed later, Ian put out his arm to stop Cees saying, “Don’t worry, he’s a Lutheran pastor, he needs this!”

It’s true! I just didn’t know how much I needed it. Here’s the amazing thing. Suddenly, it’s as if everything in Ian was imparted or blue-toothed to me. I could have hopped on a plane back to Uganda right there and then and shared on the Father-heart of God. Bible verses from years of journaling started coming alive with the message of how incredibly loved we are. The despair had lifted in the light of that love. I still had to apply self-care and take rest due to all that had been experienced in Uganda, but I was doing it from a position of acceptance and living in the Father’s “well done”, rather than from a place of dejection and self-pity.

April CTF Halifax

Feedback from Susan Bourgeois:

Yes we need spring. I had real difficulty feeling the Father's love until today. Thank you for your ministry at Halifax Catch The Fire. I have been going through so much.

April 2017

From Yvonne Carroll

Hello Ian,

I am getting some good testimonies about your last visit.

One lady told me today that she realy received the Holy Spirit when you prayed with her the last time before this time, when we went to the big church, remember where Marc the Priest used to live.

She is still very happy about this.

People also shared that last time you came to Keldonk they experienced a wonderfull Presence of the Lord.

April 28, 2017

Hi Pastor Ian, I have such a wonderful memory of you coming to Marmack for SOM in 1998 in during the Father Heart and sitting next to me and putting your arm around me while my Heavenly Father revealed His great love for me in the midst of my broken heart from my earthly father. Then you walked me thru forgiveness. It remains one of the most transformational revelations of my life. Your kindness and sensitivity to me and the Holy Spirit blessed me deeply! I pray a 100 fold return on invest for you. Bless you! Much love, Gina

Feedback from Catch the Fire - Houston "Encounter Weekend" February 2016

Just finished a wonderful time at Catch the Fire - Houston.

What a great Church!.

"Encounter Weekend" where God really moved and did a deep work..

This morning prayed over the whole Church, an impartation that I received at the PIH Conference in England from Stu Glassborrow who received it from Benny Hinn at Toronto last fall.

"An infusion of greater power from Jesus" for His honour and glory and for the furtherance of His Kingdom. Most were greatly impacted. Thank you Father.

Joshua said:

Yesterday at encounter day at catch the fire church in Houston during second session on forgiveness something I had been carrying my whole life broke off and I feel so much more free it is amazing what the fathers love can do to the most broken places in your soul!!!!!!

Crissy said:

It was a pleasure to get to know Papa Ian Ross this weekend at Encounter Weekend at Catch the fire church in sugarland, we had so much fun! 

Pastor Anna said:

It was such a great time!! Thank you for everything Ian! We love the anointing that you carry!

Bridget said:

It was life changing! Thanks for sharing your fathers heart..this process has just begun

Judy said

Just wanted you to know that I believe the anointing on your life has increased since the first time that I met you in October 2014 when you came to Houston and lead the Father's Heart A school with Mark Head. I also sensed more compassion. Thank you for coming and sharing the Father's love with us over the weekend. Glad I came.

Anna also said:

The anointing Ian is carrying has increased! Phyllis and I were talking about that

Elizabetta said:

yes I was greatly impacted! I made peace with having a personality so similar to my earthly dad. We really had a great time!

Mary Frances Peters Was there this past week-end. Ian Ross left a rich deposit, on fire floor time and the presence of God in a power anointing. You gotta check out this church. Fiery!

October 17/18 Yapton Community Church, Yapton England

Have spoken to two home groups, a youth group and then Saturday evening as well as Sunday morning The Presence of God was so prominent in all the meetings. Pastor Hugo and his wife Hanneke are wide open to the Holy Spirit, so hungry for revival. They have really embraced Toronto, are a PIH Church. Several will join me at the PIH Conference this week at Retford England. So many have been deeply touched. It is a wonderful little Church. It reminds me of CTF Airport in the early days, a church in the middle of no where but a church that so honours His Presence, many are filled with the Holy Spirit. Several young people are so hungry and thirsty for God, wonderful to see. I just know that God has great plans for this Church.

Saturday I shared James and Denise’ revelation of “The Two Trees in the Garden”. This, I believe is an important revelation for now, ties in so beautifully with the Father’s Love Revelation. We must move from living out of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (Satan’s tree) to the Tree of Life (where the Father’s love revelation comes from).

Sunday I shared my perspective of what God has been doing.

First coming to Jesus to be saved.

Then an inward journey of receiving the revelation of the Father’ healing, empowering love.

Then an upward journey to be God focussed and Centred.

Then outward focussed, living by faith, and giving away what we have first received, including the Great Commission.

Now the various “Streams” of Christianity coming together unto a Massive Harvest.

Please continue to pray so God will accomplish all that is on His heart to do this trip.



March 19 - 23 2015 Waskaganish, Quebec

What a wonderful time we have had with the Cree Nation here is Waskaganish, Quebec. Very grateful for the privilege to minister to such beautiful people, ministering alongside of Patricia Bootsma, ably assisted by Jody Grant of North bay. Worship times were extraordinary with Sophia and Vanessa Stephen and Jamie Jacob and Ben Lim. They all took to wonderful places in the Spirit.Much thanks to Leonard and Victoria Hester, Elizabeth Diamond, Simeon Trapper, George Katapatuk, Hugo Hester. Rebecca Cowboy organised the conference in such a beautiful way.

So grateful for the manifest Presence of God so evident at each session, many were touched deeply. The Father Heart of God is so honoured and revered here.

Ian Ross

Jody Grant of North Bay - Perspective

I'm still floating in the Glory of God I encountered in Waskaganish. The conference was a true blessing. God loved it. I truly fell in love with this place. There's something extraordinary about it. We will meet again. Ian and Patricia, I want to be just like you when I grow up. I thank God for your hearts to carry this revival to the nations. You are unspeakably dynamic. More Lord, More. May "The Father's House" be the next Revivalists. We need you. You are Canada's Gatekeepers. It was an honour to meet you.

Hello to all our Waskaganish friends.

We will see you again soon.

Love ,

Jody Grant

Hi guys,

> Thanks again for coming to Waskaganish!! You have blessed us indeed.. This conference I think we did a lot of breaking grounds.. > We miss you n love you guys!!


> Blessings, Rebecca Cowboy (who coordinated Conference)

ch 12, 2015

Hi Ian,

Thank you for sharing the Father's Heart at Catch the Fire Scarborough last weekend.

We were honoured that we could have you teach us for a full weekend. Wow! What a blessing.

Thank you for the teaching and for ministering to so many of us. We declare that our church will never be the same, in Jesus's name! BAM! 

You are a loving, kind, caring, respectful, obedient, humble man with a servant heart and we love and honour who you are. Thank you for being a model of a Godly man walking in God's Kingdom, and for loving us back to life.

I pray that the Lord has refreshed you with more than you poured out. May the Father bless you and your family and multiply the anointing you have.

Gratefully and with thanks,--

Michelle Huffman

Church Administrator - Catch the Fire Scarborough 

March 8, 2015 Catch the Fire Scarborough Canada

Such a powerful morning in Scarborough with one of the kindest most fathering men I know! Thanks Ian Ross for being such a great spiritual papa! You carry such a strong message of the Father heart of God! So nice to see you again! South Africa seems so long ago .

Mary Soppitt

February 4, 2015 Harvest School 21 Testimony

I had the pleasure of meeting Ian Ross--more affectionately known as my Canadian Oupa--in Harvest School 21. I can't say I remember a specific message that completely changed my life, but what I do remember is encountering the love of the father in his presence. He gave me fatherly wisdom and insight that helped lead me on the right path and make the right decision. He challenged me, loved me, and continually poured out his life to everyone the Lord brought before him.

Jessica Frances Lane

February 2, 2015 Another Harvest School 21 Testimony

As for me:

I had little idea as to what Father heart meant, having had very little experience of feeling loved as a child. This was no-ones fault. And so to imagine what love feels like hasn't been easy. I received prayer with Ian Ross and we spoke on several occasions. Through his example as a man in God, his generosity, unequivocal belief, giving time, openness, fun, kindness and genuine interest, I saw Father modeled in a new way. I now have a relationship with Father God that is beginning to be based on trust. Its a journey that I am travelling, but I am on the road and getting further than I ever had. Its great to know I am loved. And just great to begin to feel love, too.

Thanks Ian :)

Karen Loring


February 2, 2015 from Harvest Missions School 21

My first real intimate encounter with the Father's love was during the first few weeks of Iris Global's Mission School. During this time they had invited speakers from the Fatherheart's Ministry. I am from a Chinese family, where love from a father is culturally not expressed. Even though I was taught at church that the Father had loved me, the reality was I did not feel his love fully in my heart. The first experience was during one of the sessions, through the speakers guidance, that I felt Jesus's embrace in a vision. But being able to be aware of the Father's love was not instantaneous. Over the following weeks, it was through God's gracious gift of bumping into Ian Ross, another Fatherheart's Ministry Speaker all the time around the school, and receiving his embrace that the feeling of the father's love sank into my heart. Now I feel his love, and even hear his still, quiet voice saying that he loves me all the time. The Father's love through Jesus is all that matters, and I am truly thankful for the gift of feeling his love!!!



January 15, 2015 VCF - Barn Landenberg

I had a wonderful time.

The prayer Ian prayed over me was exactly what I need at the time.

The whole weekend was wonderful.I so enjoyed it .

I loved listening to what was being thought and the mininistry time and soaking time .

To encounter the Fathers Love is so amazing ..I just don't have the right words for it .

I am VERY much interested in coming back and the monthly meeting!!!!

I am also VERY interested in the A schooling coming up in September.

It is what I want to learn and share with others .

It is where God is directing me.

Please keep me up to date and send me info on sessions , meetings and schooling !!!!

Thank you ,

Linda Thompson 

January 15, 2015 VCF - Barn Landenberg, PA

Thank you for the Father's Heart Conference. That truly was a life changing experience.

I don't think we can make a real impact in the world without knowing and experiencing God's love.

Thanks again for the conference.

Frank DeMaio

January 14, 2015

Encountering the Father's Love CD by Ian and Janice Ross

Listened to your CD again this carries such an anointing for emotional healing! Bless you and and Janice for listening to the Lord and producing this wonderful "medicine for the soul"!

Candi Johnson Wood

December 05 -07 Encounter Father's Love Conference VCF Landenberg PA

A special Father Heart weekend with Ian Ross in early December in Landenberg, PA near Delaware! What impacting messages Ian shared, but what joy and laughter abounded all weekend too! So much fun being together with all these special friends!

Just wanted to pass this one along to you and say thanks for being such a great joy starter with that loaded finger of yours!

Sue McCoy

I am still on a high. Have never experienced such a presence of the Holy Spirit. Thanks to all for sharing our Father and for sharing of each of you. Am so blessed.

Lanora Holler

There was a good deposit before we got there that we were so blessed by and thankful for!! Glad we got to add to it!!


What a great weekend at The Barn encountering Father's love!! Thanks for being a conduit of His love and manifest Presence!!! Looking forward to when we get to do it again!!!

Pat Dupert

December 02, 2014

Tonsberg Conference

It was a great conference in Tønsberg. I am so thankful for these days. The last day I exsperienced the presence of the Lord so strongly in the building that I could not leave the place. God is good and His mercy endures forever. Bless you.


July 04, 2014.

Dear Daddy Ian

Just an encouragement for you

You travel around the world to spread the message of The Fathers Love

I have seen you on three boat trips

I see how you love The Presence of The Lord

and how you want to bless people with it.

And of all things that I have received this is what has become the most important thing for me too

I saw it in you and I knew ..this is what I want most of all

The Presence of The lord.

More than anything else

Even more than wonders..good messages or what else

It is His presence

Only that makes really happy and satisfies.

When He is not there..there is nothing left.

God does deep things inside after the boat week.

Deep healing of His love

so....the message you want to give to people is understood and found a place deep in my entire


Bless you!!!


From Dineke de Jager Belgium June 30, 2014

“The evening last Saturday in Antwerepen has changed my life. I'm so happy to have met you, to talk and pray, but especially to receive Father's love.

From Dineke de Jager Belgium June 30, 2014

“The evening last Saturday in Antwerepen has changed my life. I'm so happy to have met you, to talk and pray, but especially to receive Father's love.

Thank you for being the arms of the Father and for hugging me that night, it was healing for me.”

Thank you Father!

Michaela Ytsma Holland June 30, 2014

“Want to thank you for the good evening in the presence of our Father at Frank and Marlou’s house. It was great to talk with you.I have been blessed through your sharing and your praying for me.Lots of Blessings.”

Caroline - Holland June 30, 2014

“Love you and so thankful that you showed me that a father can be okay and that our Father is much more better”

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