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Father Heart Ministry


John and Carol Arnott 02, 09, 2018

After thanking John and Carol for their input into our lives, John replied "You are so welcome Ian and Janice. God bless you both, and the fun never quits, does it. Congratulations for 25 years of ministry! You're both amazing.

Much love

John and Carol "

James and Denise Jordan 09,13, 2018

It has been a great privilege to know you two and be a part of your lives!! Congratulations to you both

and for the way you have walked out the ministry the Father has given you. Your faithfulness to the calling in its essence of ministry style, content and delivery have been wonderful to watch. Bless you both in Father's Arms.

. James and Denise

Ramesh and Elsie Naraine (Lead Campus Pastors Catch the Fire-Scarborough)

This is a letter commending Ian and Janice Ross and their ministry, Father Heart Ministry to you.

Ian and Janice were on pastoral staff at Catch the Fire (formerly Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship) long before I arrived there in May 1996. I have known Ian and Janice since that time. They have always struck me as Christians full of Christ-­‐like character: humble, gracious and generous with their time and gifts. Ian and Janice have also demonstrated a willingness to be obedient to the call of God on their lives when they were willing to leave a very satisfying pastoral ministry at Catch the Fire to become itinerant ministers taking the revelation of the Love of the Father to the nations of the world.

Over the years we have heard several testimonies from others, including high-­‐profile ministers, about the impact that the ministry of Ian and Janice have made on the lives of those to whom they have ministered.

For the last fifteen years for more, Ian and Janice have specialized in the ministry of teaching and imparting the revelation of God as a Loving Father. Not only are they effective in teaching on the subject but also they have a unique anointing and ability to “give the love of the Father away” in prayer to the people to whom they are ministering. When they pray for people to be impacted with the Love of The Father often people experience the love of God in tangible ways!

I count it an honour to have Ian and Janice as part of our congregation at Catch the Fire – Scarborough Campus. They have been a personal encouragement to my wife and me since they have been with us.

I unreservedly commend their ministry to you. Yours truly,

Brian and Sue West (Freshwind Ministries, Board Member Father Heart Ministry)I personally have known the Ross’s since 1992 when we were together on staff at the Toronto Airport Vineyard church. I can say that I have observed their heart of service and love to the body of Christ time and again over the years. I have not met a more committed and sold out couple than these dear friends of mine. They have a proven track record of Pastoring and caring for countless people literally all over the world. They heard “the call” in 1998 to take this message of the “transforming love of Father God” to the nations full time. I have personally taken part in many of their schools and have been touched by this very same message. I have my Father in Heaven’s blessing and am his chosen Son.

Trisha Frost (Co-Founder Shiloh Place Ministries)

Over the years as you move forward into the pursuit of all you can be in life's dreams and purpose for you encounter along the way those who inspired you and motivate you to stay the course. Ian Ross, in my life, has been one of those brothers to me. When my husband and I began to desire more intimacy in our relationship with the Father we surrounded ourselves with those who seemed to be happy in their experience. Jack and I both grew up around law based people who you had to perform for so you are not suppose to look happy in your pursuit of more. Ian taught us how to relax in our pursuit of intimacy through his example. He taught us that Father God is not angry or expecting performance, He simply wants us to be comfortable in His presence. I have never in my life met a person more at home in love than Ian Ross. I highly recommend him, if your desire is to pursue feeling like you belong, then Ian is the person to demonstrate this. Comfortable in love...those are my words to describe this great man of God. 

Melinda Fish (Author, Pastor at River City Church of Pittsburgh)

Ian Ross has my highest recommendation. Ian was an "icon" of the renewal which came to Toronto in 1994. He quickly became a much requested speaker, a spreader of the renewal/revival all over the world. As his revelation of Jesus Christ developed, Ian also became a bearer of the grace-filled message of the Father heart of God. He is a dedicated husband and father, full of integrity and a sincere believer and "practices" the Father heart message. He left a lucrative career with management at IBM to pursue the calling of God. Ian has been a trusted friend and will be a blessing to your congregation. If you develop a relationship with Ian, he will be your friend for life.

Mark and Jane Burlinson (Executive Pastor (Christ Community Church) & Executive Director (EFI)

Ian Ross is a man changed by the love of Father God. In straightforward and heartfelt words he communicates that love effectively wherever he goes. His testimony is powerful and authentic, with the power to help others receive their own personal encounter and revelation of the love that Jesus promised. I have no hesitation recommending him as an itinerant speaker/preacher.

Henk Bruggeman (Pastor at Vaderhuis The Hague)

We know Ian now for over 18 years. All this time he is bringing the message of the Fatherheart of God with a compassionate heart.

His strongest point is ministring the love of the Father to the people. Through his ministry we have seen countless lives changed!

Jeanne Costello (Designer at the Passionate Pearl / Founder of Father Heart Unlimited)

I have always loved being in Ian's presence because when you see him God's presence comes as well. He has always been a vessel of God's Glory as long as I've known him. Being in His presence is a lot like being in Heidi Baker's, always overflowing with more of God. He has a compassionate heart and loves to minister. Around Ian, I have felt God's presence come down like a warm blanket spreading to anyone hungry for more. It's almost contagious, it flows like a river and fills hearts to overflowing. 

He is an excellent teacher and minister and I highly recommend him. He not only teaches about the Father's Heart and love, but he lives it.

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