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"Your Will not My Will - Part II - Ian Ross

Your Will or My Will – Part II – Ian Ross


In the April Newsletter (Father Heart Unlimited by Jeanne and David Costello), I shared my struggle, battle as it were, over whose “Will”, will rule my life, the Father’s or mine. This battle, I was having, was one I sensed I was to share with others. I heard this as I was about to have my morning shower. (He often speaks to me in the shower). Later, I embarked on a speaking tour of the Netherlands, and on a number of occasions he had me share this as a message at various churches and conferences. But during the worship time, before I began to speak, he began to speak to me, seeking to prove to me, how important “His Will” has been to my life already, so now He wants me to share this with you.

Back in 1984, Janice and I had a very normal, predictable kind of life, a good marriage, a good job, a nice home, nice kids, a busy church life (also very predictable). We knew what every week would look like, a life that was decent and in order. But then everything was about to change. The Father, intentionally, brought Dan Snaddon across our path, a WWII veteran; Dan shared his testimony of his experience in a POW camp and how his deep faith in God not only carried him through this horrible ordeal but used him to touch many lives. Janice and I were so impacted, through tears, we prayed a very dangerous prayer. “We want what Dan has, and are willing to pay whatever price is required”. Our whole life turned on that prayer. But it was the Father’s will that brought Dan into our lives, showed us what was possible. Our role was to respond to that encounter. The Father, later told me that one of the reasons he kept Dan alive, in that hell on earth place, was to impact yours and Janice’s life. Wow, you would do that for us.

Later on in our journey, John Arnott offered me an opportunity to do short-term mission trips to Nicaragua. This again was the Father’s will and I simply responded. The second trip was in March 1993 and I was designated as one of the team leaders. Our little team, who had no previous experience, went way into the interior into a primitive area with no electricity, no roads etc.. Well again I had a life-changing experience. In that village in 30 hours or so, we saw 92 people give their lives to Jesus, we saw the power of God move, we saw Him heal everyone we prayed for. WOW, we were shocked and amazed. The Father orchestrated everything. I came home changed. I no longer wanted to be a business man. In August, of that same year, John Arnott asked Janice and I to consider coming onto the senior pastoral team. This again was the Father’s will for our lives, so in September we joined the team, with much fear and trembling. We felt totally unqualified. But the Father presented us with the opportunity and we simply responded.

So, as it turns out, we were on the senior leadership team and present from the very first night of the “Toronto Outpouring”, which has since impacted much of the Church around the world. It was the Father’s will that we would have a part in all that. I did not orchestrate that, He did. His “good and perfect will”, gave us this amazing opportunity to touch hundreds and perhaps thousands of lives around the world.

So, why in the world was I trying to hang on to my will, when he has already proven that nothing can compare to His will.

After 5 years on staff the Father began to speak to us. We had this sinking feeling that we were to step down from our position at the Church (now CTF). Now I clearly did not want to do that; I loved what was happening in our church, loved being a part of it all, the last thing I wanted to do was leave. But the Father was speaking to us, He said “I know you love being in the centre of all this but I have made you for something (to carry the revelation of the Father’s love to the nations), will you lay it down for me?” He presented us with His will and I was resisting but His love for us broke down that resistance and we finally accepted His will and let go of our will. Well since then we have travelled to 22 countries (in the last sixteen years)and God has used us to touch many lives, including some significant leaders around the world. I have had the great delight and privilege to minister with Heidi and Rolland Baker in Mozambique on numerous occasions, travelled frequently to the Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, the UK, the USA as well as Canada. I have seen Him use me over and over again touching lives. What a joy to watch the Father transform lives before our very eyes. Again, this was all His will for me, His plan, His purpose for my life. I couldn’t have possibly put all this together.

He continues to bring us new opportunities and challenges, perfectly designed for us. He knows us through and through, knows what we can handle, by His grace. This adventure never ends.

What about your life, do you really want to live according to your will? Why not abandon your will and to seek His will for your life and then let your personal kingdom adventure begin?

As for us, may His adventure continue, indeed, may “Your will and not my will be done, oh Father”

Ian Ross

Father Heart Ministry – Ian Ross




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