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Update from Recent meeting in Middelburg, The Netherlands

Marvelous time in Middelburg, the Netherlands. Joint meeting held by three local Churches marvellously hosted by Roland Theune of Open Heart Church. Felt led by the Holy Spirit to share as follows: Opened with a Word given me December 31st for 2018 (Explosion of Spiritual Activity) delivered at CTF Scarborough Then as we mature in the Revelation of the Father�??s love the messenger becomes the message with our lives pointing to Jesus and the Father Then from my coming into the revelation of Weakness in Kelowna, where His strength is made perfect in my weakness and where the power of Christ may rest on us from 2 Cor 12:9 Then the story of the Glory of God falling on a Leaders Conference in Mozambique where God told Marc Dupont and Heidi Baker that the Toronto Outpouring would become a World Wide Revival. Later that the sons and daughters of God would be invited to carry the Glory of God Then from 2 Cor 3: 8-11 that a Surpassing Glory is coming. Then I recounted Janice and my visit to Moriah Chapel, Wales, when we prayed the Holy Spirit fell heavily on us and Janice saw the cloud of witnesses wanting to hand off the baton of Revival to the next generations At the CTF Scarborough on a recent Sunday the Holy Spirit said to me we need to receive the baton to help carry revival forward. The Church has not taken the baton from previous revivals. In Middelburg I brought a baton and invited people to take up the baton and be willing to carry their part of revival as assigned by the Lord to their nation. Over 100 people came forward and wanted to be used in a coming revival in Holland. Some were deeply moved and cried out for their nation. Then in Witney England wonderful sense of His Presence, some deeply touched, not big meetings but He was so present. On to Somerset and Cornwall. Please keep praying Ian

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