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Update from Current Holland trip (October 2017)

I have just finished the Oosterhout, Keldonk, Middelburg and Vlissingen portion of the Trip.


Oosterhout – new territory for the Father’s love revelation, people all from the Dutch Caribbean Islands. They received remarkably well for the first time. Apostle Gladys went down twice under the unction of the Holy Spirit. Several were touched deeply.

Keldonk -Amazing surprise meeting with Catholic Renewal Leaders, who were deeply impacted by Father God.


Middelburg/Vlissingen – hosted by Roland Theune and Nancy Robinson. They were the lone voice in the area for the Father’s love revelation, so were a bit lonely. But now there are 3 – 4 churches embracing this revelation. The Zuidpoort Church had a four session conference and they just loved the Presence of God and all that the Father did. Many tears as people met father God for the first time. They were begging for more. They wanted me to do the Sunday morning service as well but I was committed to the Worship Centre in Vlssingen. The pastor definitely wants me to come back next year.


The Worship Centre Church, also embraced the Father, many, including the pastor were deeply touched.


There is interest of each pastor in doing joint meetings next year. Roland and Nancy seem to be spearhead what God is doing here.


One pastor from another church attended the Vlissingen Conference was completely overcome with the love of the Father. Then Sunday morning she testified at her own church through tears that she had never known such love before. She didn’t know that there was that much love available for her.


One interesting moment, in a prayer line, intended for people, to embrace their Destiny, one teenage girl said “I don’t really know God”. I said “Would you like to get to know him right now? She said “I don’t see why not.” So I lead her to Jesus right there and then. Conference attendees really enjoyed that.


Seems to be a new openness to receive the Father in this region.

I am now in Spakenburg with Arend and Menske for home meetings tomorrow and Wednesday. What a welcoming place this is, they also carry the Revelation of the Father in a beautiful way.


Friday I fly to Northern Ireland for a Conference.


Thanks so much for your prayers, so much fruit, advancement of his Kingdom.



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