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Some Thoughts for 2018, that I Sensed came from the Holy Spirit

I shared this word to my home church Catch the Fire - Scarborough, Ontario Canada on December 31st, 2017 I was asking the Holy Spirit, late in 2017 what He would say about the coming year 2018. First of all I heard Him say the one word "EXPLOSION". That was all He said for a few days. I asked for clarification, then I heard Him say: "There will be a dramatic increase in Holy Spirit activity this new year. The "suddenly" I have been hearing for years and expected by many is to begin in 2018. There will be dramatic spiritual growth in individual believers as well as numbers of people coming to Christ. People will begin to "see" their deep need for Jesus. Large increase in Signs and Wonders and Miracles will draw people to Jesus in greater and greater numbers. Manifestations of His Glory appearing in Churches and even in personal times with Jesus. Several will be overwhelmed by His Manifested Presence. This is I believe the beginnings of His Glory covering the earth. I have a greater sense of God in charge, not man. Great turmoil on the earth, a battle for supremacy between light and darkness. (of course Light will win in Jesus). A far greater dependency for the Church on the Holy Spirit. That is a wonderful place to be and stay. A wonderful peace for believers in spite of the turmoil. Tremendous fruitfulness coming to believers, much more than we have seen before. I saw the Church beginning to rise up in various places of the earth seemingly spontaneously, "spontaneous combustion" Holy Spirit fires breaking out around the world.(not through man's strategies but by God Himself) We need to have our spiritual eyes opened to look for these things through the eyes of faith." May it be so Lord for your Glory and for the furtherance of Your Kingdom.

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