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Some Observations from Mission Possible Conference 2015 in Nijkerk, Holland

Something Big is Up here in Europe. (Perhaps centred in Holland)



Following on from the Toronto Outpouring where we saw the love of God poured out to restore, heal and revive the church, to where we now see the outworking of that, to take His heart for the lost to the nations.



We see a coming together of movements, Prayer and Fasting together with Missions, all rooted and grounded in love.



I saw where we are to catch the rhythms of God's heart, which means a level of intimacy we have not seen before, to then catch His heart for the lost. Not out of guilt or obligation but an entering into, by revelation, His love for the hurting and broken of the world.



The time is now.



We saw, heard from and prayed for representatives from the Persecuted church, from 50 Closed Nations. Our hearts were moved. Our faith level was raised to believe that reaching them is indeed POSSIBLE in our lifetime.



The Spirit was moving very powerfully at each session. A tremendous sense of unity of peoples and ministries, a great oneness in Jesus, who was lifted high and exalted by all. Tremendous time of worship and praise.



What a joy to be there and to enter in.



There is a high level of expectancy that something has shifted even through this time together.



A coming together of Mattheus and Rebekah van der Steen, Heidi and Rolland Baker, Bill Johnson, Loren Cunningham, Lou Engle, Brother Andrew, David Wagner, Ken Gott, Herman Boon.



Let prayerfully consider all that God is saying and indeed discover where we fit in.



Ian Ross

Father Heart Ministry


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