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Feedback from Recent Trip to Norway in 2017

Dear Ian. We were so honoured to have you! I bet Janice was SO happy to see you and we are SO grateful that she was willing to send you and that you were willing to come! WHAT a blessing you have left! Sara our daughter was so ministered to when you told her how beautiful she is! A lady contacted me from Bergen on the Westcoast and she said something happened in her heart when she heard the testimony of one of the ladies ( I think it was Barbro ) as she watched the broadcast on Saturday. Imagine going from a total burnout only watching TV and to be totally restored, stopping watching TV and given her life back after 4-5 hours on the floor like her. Isn't that beautiful to think of that the way Papa uses you actually gave her her life back and in a matter of just hours after having living like she did for over a year was it? Your meetings keep running on our 24/7 broadcast so you are still preaching in Norway! Give our love to dear Janice and have a FANTASTIC day! Love and blessings David

Barbro was impacted by the release of the “Infusion of greater power coming from Jesus by the Holy Spirit”


Norway trip went so well they want me to come twice a year to input to.

David Auke


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