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Feedback from 2016 Siloam Boat Conference


Wow, what a time we had. We had 26 passengers and 4 crew on this trip. Even from the first night there was so much of the manifested Presence of the Father. Each day built on the first day. People got progressively built up, as the revelation of the Father’s love took hold. This may have been the most joyful event I have been involved with. Hilarious laughter frequently broke out, increasingly so each day. Lives were changed, even countenances were changed.

After teaching and ministering on the Father’s love for the first 5 days, I taught on and then released an impartation of “a greater infusion of God’s power”, coming from Jesus. (indirectly through Benny Hinn) I had already released this this to 5 churches, but this was by far the most powerful. Some got stuck to the floor, some couldn’t even talk, many were deeply impacted. Love and power so linked together, power moving through love, not to bring glory to us but for Jesus and the furtherance of His kingdom.

The last afternoon we had a time of testimonies which went for almost an hour and a half. The Father was so honoured as various ones shared on what He did for them. One of the crew shared for 15 minutes about the breakthrough she had. Through tears she was so moved as the revelation had found a resting place in her heart .

We had wonderful worship times beautifully led by Roland Theune. Nancy was my interpreter, but more than that, she conveyed the revelation so faithfully. We made a good tea, They have already booked us for another Conference next year.


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