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Encountering The Love of the Father releases us into our Destiny.

Know I Am Living Beneath My Calling


In August 2017 on a Sunday morning at Catch the Fire Scarborough Church, during the worship time, Remesh (the Senior team Leader) came over to me and asked me if I had something from the Holy Spirit. He seemed to know that I would be given something. I said “I don’t have anything at the moment, but I will ask the Holy Spirit.” A few moments later while were singing a song which mentioned the Lion and the Lamb I heard from the Holy Spirit that “There are people here this morning that know they are living beneath what God has called them to be.” They are living lamb like, afraid to step into their true calling.

The Holy Spirit reminded me what happened to Beni Johnson at the Catch the Fire Airport Church years ago. She and Bill Johnson had visited the Church. They were about to leave the meeting when they happened to run into me. I didn’t know who they were in those days. I reached out and took Beni’s hand and she went crashing to the floor with a rather violent manifestation. Bill related later, that she just about tore his arm off. She was down on the floor for about half an hour.

I didn’t know what had happened to her until years later. It was the night before the Twentieth Anniversary. Bill and Beni were having dinner with John and Carol Arnott and they related what had happened years before. John calls me on the phone and told me and I was so surprised. He had me pray for her at the Anniversary meeting. Bill related that when they came to the first meeting Beni was like a lamb, hidden away, living below her true calling. After the half hour on the floor she became a lioness Ready to step into her true calling, as a Significant Leader in the Kingdom . All it took was a personal encounter with the Father.

I mentioned this to our church and asked if any felt that they were also living below their calling. I asked them to come to the front if that was them. To my surprise about 80% of the Church came forward. As the Spirit led I had them repent for not stepping into their full calling, but instead living in fear. I had them take a step forward into the fullness of their calling. Then I laid hands on them asking the Holy Spirit for an encounter with the Father.

A week or two later I was just visiting some Dutch friends at the Airport CTF in Toronto. I wasn’t planning to stay but Mary Audrey Raycroft was speaking so I decided to stay and join my friends. Before Mary Audrey began to speak the Holy Spirit asked me “To release something that night.” It was what happened at the Scarborough CTF just recently. I checked with Mary Audrey and she said “It will fit in beautifully with my message, just do it at the conclusion of my message.” So we did to 2- 300 people. Again so many “know” they are not living up to their true calling.


So if that is you tonight, if you know you are also not living up to your calling by God, then please come to the front.

Repent for not embrace your calling, for letting fear hold you back.

Symbolically take a step of faith forward into your True Calling.

Then Lay Hands on those who would like an encounter with the Father while committing to embrace my Calling.

Encountering the Love of the Father allows us to embrace The Calling over our lives which He alsways planned for us. 


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