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Current Update from "Recent Ministry"

Wow, we are almost through April, can you believe it?

Janice and I want to thank you for your continuing support. We have just returned from visiting our Ireland branch of the family, what a beautiful time we had. We then went to England where I shared at three new venues, Janice shared for the first time in 10 years at The Well, RBC church in Retford. That church, incidentally changed their name after I had a prophetic word over them years ago where I saw them as a church which is to be a well-spring for the city and indeed the region. They have a new building and have grown beautifully in numbers and in spiritual depth. We are so proud of them. They are hosting PIH UK conferences on a regular basis.

One new development is the following:

I have been asked by the Holy Spirit to release an Impartation:


Last fall, I was at the UK PIH Conference at Retford, England. Rick Oldham, who coordinates PIH UK, had Stu Glassborrow, the leader of Catch the Fire Church London, share what happened when he was at the PIH Conference in Toronto this fall. The first night of the Conference Benny Hinn called out Stu, had him come up on stage to pray for him. Stu testified that he had always been one of those who feel like they are hard to receive, never feeling very much when prayed for. Anyway, Benny prayed for Stu he doubled up scissor style in the air and was powerfully thrown backwards several feet. I remember when that happened, I was just amazed. Benny had him lifted up twice more and prayed for him and the same thing happened. Rick had Stu pray for several leaders at the UK PIH meeting who were greatly impacted. I was one of those later on. I felt a great surge of power struck me and I went down and I uncharacteristically couldn’t get up for some time.



What Benny prayed over Stu was this “A greater Infusion of God’s power”. That was what Stu prayed over us at Retford.



I was pondering this for some time but didn’t quite know what to do with this. When I was home for a short while, I was awakened at 2:00 am by the Holy Spirit with the very strong impression that I was to lay hands on anyone who really wants to receive this. He said to me “What I have given to you I want you to give it away.” I was really surprised by this but felt compelled to do what He asked.



I felt like I need to ask those who have “faith for this” to come forward. As we are about to be prayed for to proclaim in faith “I receive this greater infusion of God’s power”, for the sake of helping to extend His Kingdom.



The Holy Spirit has had me release this over three churches so far:


Catch the Fire, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada (last weekend)


Catch the Fire Houston, Texas, USA


The Well, RBC Retford, England (recently)


plus our cell group.



Many have been deeply impacted. What I am sensing is this: Jesus ministry began after his baptism, where he was baptised in the Father’s compassionate love. Compassion would then characterize his ministry. “Power” would be released through his compassion, then miracles flowed, the blind saw, the deaf heard, the lame walked, the dead raised. We have seen the love of God released through the “Toronto Outpouring”, primarily the transforming love of the Father. This pattern also followed when Heidi Baker came to Toronto, she, I believe, was baptised in God’s love and when she returned home “Revival” broke out, as she compassionately ministered to the poorest of the poor, miracles broke out.The foundation is clearly is to be rooted and grounded in love.



Not sure where this is all going to go, but God is in it, and we trust Him to lead as He wills.



So thank you for your prayers and financial support, we couldn’t do what we do without it.



Ian and Janice


Father Heart Ministry



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